Dear Parents !

We have   good news.CULTURAL and EDUCATIONAL CENTER  ARABESK  organizes autumn Language Camp  for students between 6-12 years old.Our Language Camp  offers your child memorable  week full of activities and foreign  languages.It is an incredible opportunity for children to find new friends and spend time with joy and fun.


Language Camp day starts at 8.30 a.m

Morning Language Camp programme  includes foreign languages, mental arithmetic,acting classes.

Evening Language Camp programme includes interesting quests,Oympics,horse riding.


Our courses

Freely and easily communicate with people, travelling to other countries, save money on an interpreter in business negotiations with foreign partners, make purchases in international online stores. Discover the talent of the artist and learn how to dance beautifully, freely solve any problem in the mind and just be a MODERN person – there are just few reasons to study in the educational and cultural center “Arabesk”! The “Arabesk” center is the first cultural and educational center in the city of Minsk that combines the opportunity to learn a foreign language, immersing deeply in the culture of the country, working with native speakers and taking advantage of their invaluable experience. This is a unique cultural center in Minsk, allowing any person: an adult or a child, to fully realize their creative potential, through fascinating classes in various artistic disciplines, dance and sciences, allowing to develop phenomenal mathematical abilities at any age. The “Arabesk” center is a multicultural educational center that combines the wisdom, culture of the East and modern values ​​and practicality of the Western world.

Learning languages with native speakers for children and adults. English, Spanish, Turkish, Arabic and Russian as a foreign language. Individual and group lessons. Set for free courses. A network of comfortable and modern offices in the center of Minsk (Kropotkina str., 44-507) and Valeryanovo settlement (Uruchye metro station)

Do not miss the chance to learn the language for only 5 rubles!

Regular festivals of foreign languages at symbolic prices!


8 lessons per month / 2 times a week

Spelling of letters, elementary words, pronunciation of letters, reading syllables, simple words for simple phrases and grammatical bases for reading simple sentences

8 lessons per month / 2 times a week

Practice of dialogical interaction Practice of monologic speech Video, audio courses

One lesson per week / 2 academic hours

Increase your academic performance at school. Your child will develop confidence and independence. In adult life, your child will become a successful and advanced personality!

Staff & Teachers

Mirvat abu Shaker


Hamadi Mohamad

Teacher of Arabic

Staif Jihad

Teacher of Arabic

Eray Gunduz

Teacher of Turkish

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