English for Beginners

English courses for beginners – this is a first step in the amazing world of English language. Its goal is to create the necessary lexical stock and teach you how to use it, competently building proposals. Everyone can become a student of English language courses for beginners, regardless of age and type of professional activity.


The course “English for Beginners” is suitable for those who start from scratch or unsuccessfully learn English at school. Learning English from scratch to Elementary will take several months with a frequency of 2-3 times a week.


Classes in the “Arabesk” center are conducted according to a modern communicative method:

  • The process is based on conversational practice
  • All communication is in English – this is how to immerse in the environment
  • Classes are held in an easy and unconstrained manner using media materials, quality teaching aids
  • You will speak from the first lesson
  • We give you a base and a platform for further growth
  • Group (from 2-6 people) and individual lessons.


Sign up for free testing and take a free lesson in our center. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with

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