School of Arabic Dances

No one will argue with the fact that the dance cheers up, but very few of us thought that dancing is an effective way of preventing premature aging of man, a real elixir of youth and longevity.

You can enroll in courses of Arabic dances in various directions in our center.

Dabka Dance

Dabka is an Arabic folk dance that is performed in Lebanon, Syria, Palestine, Jordan. Dance is performed not only by girls, but also by boys. Typical movements are tapping and acrobatic elements.

In the classroom we will study the history of the creation of the Dabka dance, its evolution over time, rhythms and costumes corresponding to this dance. And of course, dancing itself will be an important part of the lesson – learning various steps, combinations and productions.

We will study the history, rhythms, costumes and movements, characteristic of different types of dances of the Persian Gulf. And over time, perform with various performances.

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