Russian as a Foreign Language

If you want to learn Russian, then you have come to the right place!

«Arabesk» is the center which has been delivering foreign language courses since 2015.

We offer a wide range of Russian language courses for everyone!

Are you a newbie (beginner) in learning Russian or are you learning the basics of the Russian language for you next business trip, business meeting, conference call or a holiday?

Perhaps you have your intention for a head start before studying or working in Belarus, Russia or CIS? Or perhaps you have serious plans to get married to a Russian-speaking man/woman and the Russian language will be helpful to make all your family plans true?

If you used to learn Russian, we can offer you courses to improve your language proficiency.

You can choose one-to-one learning or group studies, — duration of your course will depend only on your goals and wishes: you can design your personal program of Russian studies for 1 or 3 months, 6 or 9-12 months and select your further learning programs according to your goals!

If you prefer one-to-one learning, then we suggest you to answer our questions for developing your unique personal program.

Besides our in-house classes, you can hone your skills and master your Russian over Skype with native skype tutor support.  You will be able to study at home, developing your working vocabulary and communicating clearly.

All our Russian tutors are native speakers and they will teach you to speak fluently and naturally.

Please, keep in mind that to learn Russian is not too easy not too hard but always a kind of challenge. With our tutors you will cut through the inner fear of not-good-enough and will come out the other end inspired and self-confident.


Elementary level (A1) – will include around 100 – 120 training hours

Minimal communicative competence.

SPEAKING: I can ask and answer simple questions on very familiar topics. I can introduce myself and others and answer questions about personal details (bio, where I live, my hobbies, interests, what I regularly do, eat, my occupation). I can interact in a simple way provided the other person talks slowly and clearly and is prepared to help.

LISTENING: I can understand very basic phrases concerning myself, my family, my friends people I know.

READING: I can understand familiar names, words and simple sentences, for example on notices, posters, post cards, catalogues, magazines.

WRITING: I can write short, simple greeting postcards. I can feel in forms with personal details: name, nationality, address.


Pre-intermediate level (A2) – 200 – 260 training hours

Primary level of communicative competence.

SPEAKING: I can speak on familiar topics about myself, my family, my friends, work or education, my city. I can communicate in simple and routine tasks requiring a simple and direct exchange of information on familiar and routine matters. I can describe in simple terms aspects of my background, my immediate environment, my matters in areas of immediate need.

LISTENING: I can understand very basic personal and family information, shopping, local area, employment.

READING: I can read very short advertisements, menus and timetables, information on tickets.

WRITING: I can write short notes, memos, messages and personal letters.


Intermediate level (B1) – 320 – 380 training hours

First level — general level for everyday communication on social and cultural topics. First level Certificate is necessary to enroll in a Belorussian university.

SPEAKING: I can speak about my family, hobbies, work and travels. I can speak about the plot of a movie or book. I can understand and talk on familiar matters regularly encountered in work, school, office, market, shop, clinic, leisure etc. I can deal with most situations likely to arise whilst travelling in an area where the Russian language is spoken. I can produce simple texts on topics which are of my personal interests or which I can know because of my work, life goals. Can describe experiences, events, personal dreams, hesitations, ambitions, can briefly describe why I think in this way and what I am planning to do.

LISTENING: I can understand the main idea of radio or TV programs, reality shows.

READING: I understand the written description of feelings and events. I understand short texts about life and work.

WRITING: I can write a letter and small texts about my life, travels and my friends. I can express my feelings, thoughts, my life situation using basic vocabulary.


Upper-intermediate level (B2) — 320 – 420 hours

Second level — sufficiently high level of communicative competence. The Second level Certificate is necessary for getting Bachelor degree, and for applying to Master programs.

SPEAKING: I can participate in dialogues without preparation; I can participate in discussions actively. I can understand and represent ideas on both concrete and abstract topics, including technical discussions about my projects, products/services or job, aspects of any business dealings or commercial documents.

I can interact with a degree of fluency and spontaneity with Russian native speakers without any assistance in translating. I can explain a viewpoint on a topical issue giving the advantages and disadvantages of various options and feel my own rather confident in verbal communications.

LISTENING: I understand presentations and lectures, almost all news reports; I understand the content of many movies, talk-show programs.

READING: I understand articles as well as contemporary fiction.

WRITING: I can write detailed messages on subjects of interest. I can write an argumentative essay or report.



Advanced (C1) – 280 – 320 hours

Third level — high level of communicative competence. The Third level Certificate gives you an opportunity to get Bachelor and Master degrees even in Linguistics

SPEAKING: I can express, almost freely, my thoughts on TV programs, books and movies I read or watched. I can speak about life and abstract notions (science, love, psychology of business or relationship, culture, mentality and success, etc.).

LISTENING: I understand detailed messages; I understand, almost fluently, all TV programs and movies.

READING: I understand large complex nonfiction and fiction texts and their stylistic features. I understand specialized technical instructions and articles, organizational documents, etc.

WRITING: I know how to express my thoughts in writing and to elaborate on my views to any targets (segments of clients). I have no difficulties writing essays or reports on complex issues, I know how to use different styles according to the situation of communication.


Proficiency (C2)no exact amount of hours, because this level is close to the level of an educated native speaker.

Fourth level — fluent level, close to the level of a native speaker. The Fourth level Certificate enables a holder to conduct all kinds of teaching and research activities in the field of Russian language.

We will teach you without getting too technical, just basic rules to point you in the right direction.


Conditions and advantages for your studying in «Arabesk»:

We have the best conditions for your studying:

1)An individual approach in developing your program which will be tailored to your professional and personal needs, and it will be based on your working vocabulary and practical grammar.

2)Our teachers are professional language educators.

3) We deliver our Russian classes in comfortable auditoria in the center of Minsk (Kropotkina Str.,44) and on the outskirts of Minsk (village Valerianovo – Minsk district ).

4)We offer Russian as foreign language programs from the level zero to advanced levels throughout the year. Some other centers insist on registration for the Russian course at least 3 months in advance. But according to our policy, you can do it any time, we complete groups and work with individuals throughout the year.

  • One-to-one learning or group studies are delivered by tutors in auditoria (in-house training) or over Skype (on-line training).
  • Classes are conducted a year around.
  • The intensity, program and class schedule are agreed on with an attendant or with all the group.


Costs for training hours:

1 class (duration 90 min) in-house training costs:

-for adults (18 y.o.+) 21 BYN (one-to-one learning), 13 BYN (group work),

-for children, teens:   21 BYN (one-to-one learning), 10 BYN (group work).


 1 class (duration 60 min) training over Skype costs:

48 BYN (one-to-one learning), 35 BYN (group work).


All training materials for on-line and in-house learning will be given by our tutors.


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We hope you enjoy learning Russian.

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