When it comes to foreign language studies, most students choose to learn Spanish, French, or German before they even consider learning an Asian language. When they do think about Asian languages, they usually choose Chinese or Japanese first, and then maybe Korean as a distant third. This is unfortunate, because there are many great reasons to learn the Korean language.

There are many benefits to learning Korean, and if any of them resonate with you, find a Korean tutor to help you master the language. Here are five reasons you should learn Korean.

  1. Better Understanding of Korean Culture and Concepts
  2. Boost Your Brainpower

There are many benefits to learning a second language. Being bilingual can stimulate intellectual growth, and enhance mental development. Learning a new language helps you stimulate your mind, which keeps your brain active and healthy.

  1. Improve Personal and Business Relationships

If you interact with any Korean-speaking people at work, then learning Korean will make you a more valuable asset to your company. With companies like Samsung, LG, and Hyundai, Korea has the 13th largest economy in the world.

  1. Better Travel Experience

If you’re planning to travel to Korea, then you definitely should put some effort into learning the language.

  1. New Opportunities

Believe it or not, the fact that you speak Korean could enable you to help someone else. If you travel to Korea, or meet Korean-speaking people in the United States, you can use your Korean-language skills to bridge the cultural gap, and help someone else learn English.

Price for the course. Native speaker teacher

Languages Individual lessons,

90 min

(2 academic hours)

Lessons in pairs,

 90 min

(2 academic hours)

Group lessons,

90 min

(2 academic hours)


(for children up to 10 years)

42 BYN 32 BYN 22 BYN

(up to 4 students)

20 BYN

(5+ students)


(for children from 10years.Adults)

42 BYN 32 BYN 26 BYN

(up to 4 students)

18 BYN

(5+ students)


Types of classes:

  • Individually
  • In pairs
  • In groups

Classes duration: 2 times a week for 90 min .

Learning format: in a classroom or on Skype

Number of classes per month are 8-10 for 90 min each.

You can choose intensive learning program, so number of classes will be 3 in a week for 90 min each.

We teach both adults and children. Our center is in Minsk  Kropotkina  str. 44 and in our country club Minsk distr. Valeryanovo , Armeyskaya str.15.

Our teacher waits for you on a free trial class!

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