The study of spoken Spanish is conducted by using a communicative technique that organically combines 5 directions: listening comprehension (listening), developing conversational skills, writing, constant replenishment of vocabulary with new, relevant vocabulary and studying grammar. Only with simultaneous work in these areas you can expect a good result.

Course Description

The course is intended for students with a level of knowledge of Spanish from A2 to C1. Spanish language course is designed for students who are not below the average level who need to maintain a level or work on overcoming the language barrier.


Price for the course

Languages Individual lessons,

90 min

(2 academic hours)

Lessons in pairs,

 90 min

(2 academic hours)

Group lessons,

90 min

(2 academic hours)


Native speaker teacher

38 BYN 30 BYN 20 BYN

(up to 4 students)

18 BYN

(5+ students)


What will you receive after completing the course:

– expansion of vocabulary

– activation of conversational skills

– replenishment of knowledge in the sphere of culture and traditions of the country of the studied language

Types of classes:

  • Individually
  • In pairs
  • In groups


Classes duration: 2 times a week for 90 min .

Learning format: in a classroom or on Skype

Number of classes per month are 8-10 for 90 min each.

You can choose intensive learning program, so number of classes will be 3 in a week for 90 min each.

We teach both adults and children. Our center is in Minsk  Kropotkina  str. 44 and in our country club Minsk distr. Valeryanovo , Armeyskaya str.15.

Sign up and feel free to contact us!

+375 29 131 08 88 (А1)

+375 33 695 09 90 (МТС)