English Speaking club

Our English Speaking Club is a club to develop listening and speaking skills efficiently with a native speaker from the UK!

We believe that only with a native speaker, it is the quickest way to acquire it!

When can this club be helpful for you?

  • you want to hone your speaking & listening skills, to master the skills how to persuade the audience of your message
  • you often need to communicate with English speaking ordering customers, businessmen, project team members, and the quality of your speech will be a guarantee to get an order, have a good reputation of a skilled worker or an expert
  • you want to join an international project team, or you want to go abroad where the English language is a must to get a good job or a must to enter the University
  • you like travelling, you want to be an interesting communicator and you want to speak fluently and expressively about different aspects of life with your foreign friends and guests.
  • you need high efficiency in everything you are doing, you are pressed for time. You want to invest your time only in right things.

In all these cases our club might be a good solution!

You will practice speaking in an informal relaxed environment.

Number of people in a group to attend a meeting:   6-14 people.

Duration of a meeting: 2 h (120 min)

Cost: 20 BYN per person.